Posted by Dean Atovski on 24 June 2020 01:46 PM


PUB. DATE: MAR 16, 2020

TITLE: Guidelines for Modifying Ford Truck Wheelbases Equipped With Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

MODELS AFFECTED: 2017+MY F-Series Super Duty, 2021+MY E-Series, 2021+MY Medium Duty Truck and 2020+MY F-53 Motorhome / F-59 Commercial Stripped Chassis

Revision to Bulletin R2: Added Option Summary Clarity, ESC Calibration Support Details, and Log File Generation.



PUB. DATE: MAR 17, 2020

TITLE: Fleet Telematics Modem Prep Kit

MODELS AFFECTED: 2020+MY F-53 Motorhome / F-59 Commercial Stripped Chassis and 21+MY E-Series Stripped Chassis

Revision to Bulletin R1: Updated with information on Installation Guidelines, Modem Temporary Shipping Location, Packaging Orientation, Service Considerations, and Normal Operation & Fault Conditions



PUB. DATE: MAR 24, 2020

TITLE: 2020 Transit Tailpipe Kit – Chassis Cab and Cutaway

MODEL(S) AFFECTED: All 2020MY Transit Chassis Cab and Cutaways with Gas Engines

New Bulletin: The tailpipe extension kit included in the dunnage box for all incomplete vehicles with gas engines may be too short for some intermediate/final stage manufacturers applications. A design change is in process to increase the length of the tailpipe to the same length as 2019MY. This bulletin will be updated with the date when the longer pipe is reintroduced into production. This bulletin provides guidance for extending the tailpipe to meet the final stage manufacturers application.



PUB. DATE: MAR 24, 2020

TITLE: 2017 to 2020 Model year F-Series Dual/Single Alternator Conversion

MODEL(S) AFFECTED: 2017 and later F-Super Duty F-250/350/450/550 with dual alternators

Revision to Bulletin R2: Included 2020 Model year cutoff

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