Posted by Dean Atovski on 24 June 2020 02:07 PM


PUB. DATE: MAY 07, 2020

TITLE: Analog Rear View Camera Kit Installation

MODEL(S) AFFECTED: 2020MY F-250/350/450/550 – Chassis Cab               

New Bulletin: Some 2020MY F-250/350/450/550 – Chassis Cab vehicles may require enabling the operation of the analog rear-view camera through the FDRS scan tool. Follow the service procedure to enable this camera for service part #JC3Z19G490-D (Engineering Part #JC3J-19H391-A*). This camera kit includes the rear-view camera, bracket assembly, harness and instruction sheet.



PUB. DATE: MAY 11, 2020


MODEL(S) AFFECTED: All 2019 and 2020MY Ranger Box Delete Models upfit after the date of this bulletin.

New Bulletin: Based upon a review of anticipated body builder designs, the Ranger Box Delete Frontal Area restrictions are being revised to reflect updated aerodynamics analysis, as follows.



PUB. DATE: MAY 18, 2020

TITLE:2021MY E-Series Cutaway Vehicles Equipped With Radio Delete And USB Cable

MODEL(S) AFFECTED: 2021MY E-Series Cutaway Equipped With Radio Prep-Package

New Bulletin: When the vehicle is ordered / equipped with the Radio Prep Package from factory, the USB connector and cable have been installed in the instrument panel. The USB port (shown in image below) will be non- functional. It is the Intermediate / Final Stage Manufacturer’s responsibility to either remove the USB cable, or construct a cap / cover to hide USB port and USB symbol in the instrument panel, or inform the final customer that the USB port is non-functional.



PUB. DATE: MAY 20, 2020

TITLE: 2021 E-Series DRW Tailpipe Kit – Cutaway / Stripped Chassis

MODEL(S) AFFECTED: All 2021MY E-Series DRW Cutaway / Stripped Chassis – BUILT PRIOR TO 20MAY2020

New Bulletin: The tailpipe extension kit included in the dunnage box for all incomplete vehicles with gas engines may be too short for some final stage manufacturers applications. A design change is in process to increase the length of the tailpipe to the same length as 2019MY. This bulletin will be updated with the date of when the longer pipe goes into production. This bulletin gives guidance for extending the tailpipe to meet the final stage manufacturer's application.


PUB. DATE: MAY 28, 2020

TITLE:SEIC Customer Access Circuit Label Information Correction

MODEL(S) AFFECTED: 2021MY Medium Duty F-650 / F-750 Gas and Diesel            

New Bulletin: On current production vehicles the Customer Access Circuit Label on the under-hood wiring harness is indicated incorrect circuit information. Below is a cross-reference chart to aid with identifying correct wire circuit color for wiring the SEIC controls.

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